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Acura is a division of the popular Japanese Automaker, Honda. Acura, however, was not originally launched in Japan but in the United States and Canada. Acura is the premium brand of Honda producing premium, performance and high performance vehicles since its inception in 1986. It was founded initially to target the higher economy class thus dividing Acura into two model types, namely: Legend and Integra. Acura Legend refers to the compact class cars while Legend refers to the executive cars resulting from Honda and Austin Rover’s joint venture.

A year after Acura was launched; the company sold over 109,000 vehicles with about 51% of the sales attributed to the Legend executive vehicles. And by 1990, Acura is leading its sales with 138,000 vehicles compared to Mercedes-Benz and BMW, where the sales of Acura are almost as much as the number of vehicles sold by BMW and Mercedes-Benz combined. In the same year ‘New Sports eXperimental’, or NSX, was introduced by Acura. NSX is Acura’s line of sports car that was said to be a Japanese line capable of competing with Ferrari and Porsche. However, as popular as it was in the beginning immediate decline in sales followed due to the lack of aesthetic appeal and simply the reproduction of Honda vehicles rebadged as Acura’s. This decline soon dissipated as Acura removed the class type nomenclatures and focused on re-launching the Integra line with a ‘tuner’ enthusiastic image.

In the early 2000s, Acura introduced the MDX and the RSX. The MDX was a vehicle that was created to compete with other luxury vehicle brands while the RSX was Integra’s second generation. Later came the new 2004 TL, Acura TSZ and the RL; in the later 2000s, the company launched the RL, the TSX and the RDX. Acura became a leader in producing different types of premium vehicles that sales kept on increasing as years came by.

By 2009, Acura’s constant recycling of designs has sparked the redesigning of the Acura TSX and the TL followed by a mid-model change in the RL, CSX, MDX and RDX. To date, Acura has been introducing and removing different lines of vehicles to create a demand in the market. This ever changing line of vehicles became the Acura success launching it as one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Acura Logo

acura logo

As the premium line of Honda, the logo also follows the same concept as Honda’s emblem. Acura sports a distinctive letter A while still sporting a similarity to letter H by means of keeping to the Honda brand. The origin of the logo is simply the upright pair of calipers within an ellipse. This is due to the precision making definition brought by the Acura name, the pair of calipers is an exact and accurate image where it is an instrument used to measure exact and detailed measurements. Acura’s color, white, symbolizes purity, integrity and perfection.

Acura’s name, however, was created using the prefix ‘acu’ meaning ‘sharp’ or ‘precise’. This was why the launching slogan of Acura was ‘Acura: Precision crafted performance’.


  1. MDX

Acura MDX

Catering to the ever growing demand for luxury SUV’s, Acura produced the MDX. The MDX is a crossover SUV with an additional off-road capability. Based on the Honda Odyssey, the MDX became an instant hit with customers as well as tests conducted against seven other SUVs.

  1. RSX

Acura RSX

Introduced in 2001, the RSX coupe was introduced as an incoming replacement for the outgoing Integra. It officially became the Integra’s future generation. This tuner car was extremely popular with the youth until Acura stopped its production.

  1. 1993 Legend

Acura Legend

This coupe is the vehicle that launched Honda’s six-speed manual transmission partnered with the Type II engine. This is one of the best Legends developed by Honda’s first flagship vehicle, the Acura Legend.

Manufacturing Locations

Acura is being manufactured in certain Honda Assembly plants around the world. In the United States, Acura is being assembled in East Liberty and Marysville, Ohio; in Indiana; and, in Alabama. Acura is also assembled in Honda’s assembly plants in Japan specifically, in Suzuka, Mie and Sayama, Saitama.

What To Love about Acura?

Cost-Effective Luxury and Performance

The reason why Acura is one of the top-selling premium cars in the world is because of the rather cheap premium price tag. In addition, it sports great handling and smooth and quiet performance.

What Not To Love About Acura?

Constant Model Reinventions

Acura is known to bring Honda models into its line simply by just pimping the ride with additional features and selling it for a premium price thus creating a less appealing design concept for its vehicles. This lack of originality caused the Acura brand’s sales decline in the early 1990s.

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