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Named after the Latin translation of the founder’s name, Audi is a German automobile manufacturer which was born from the 1885 company named, Wanderer. August Horch established his own company independent of Wanderer and named it A. Horch & Cie (1899) which was then refounded as August Horch & Cie Motorwagenwerke AG in 1904. Horch left the Motorwagenwerke and built himself a sole company named August Horch Automobilewerke GmbH. But because of a trademark infringement lawsuit, Horch was banned from using his family name in the automobile industry thus resorting to choosing a translated version of his name, Audi from the Latin word Audire meaning ‘to listen’.

In 1910, Audi Automobilewerke GmbH Zwickau was established. Immediately productions followed in the same year it was established. By 1921, Audi produced German’s first production car, the Audi Type K. Audi became such a well-established and powerful car manufacturing company that in 1932, it merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer. From this merger, the Auto Union AG of Chemnitz, gave birth to the Audi Front. Audi Front is the first Eurocar to combine a six-cylinder engine with a front-wheel drive.

As World War II broke out, car manufacturers were retooled to produce military vehicles. And as the war ended, Audi factories were dismantled by the Soviet Union. This led to the liquidation of the Auto Union AG and whatever was left of the Auto Union’s plant was used to assemble pre-war car models. By 1949, a new Auto Union was launched in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. By 1966, Volkswagen took over the Ingolstadt plant to mass produce about 60,000 Volkswagen Beetles annually. And in the turn of the decade, the preference shifted from the iconic DKW two-stroke engine for the four-stroke engines. Volkswagen dropped the DKW name and used Audi instead.

In fear of losing the Audi brand, the Auto Union secretly created the Audi 100, gaining approval from Volkswagen; it was launched with great success. From the launching of the Audi 100 and the merge of the Auto Union and NSU, the Audi brand has been revived. Audi being used as the prime brand of the Auto Union and the NSU—also gaining public favor—Audi became the face of the merge and the Auto Union and NSUs name was officially dropped. This led to the company being officially shortened to Audi AG.

Now, Audi AG is one of the greatest car manufacturing companies in the world. It became a brand designing and producing luxury vehicles in the global market.

Audi Logo

Audi Logo

Finding its roots and success from the original merging of the four companies, namely: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, the Audi logo features four interlinked rings as its official logo. The company took it to signify the greatness of the original Auto Union in 1932. It symbolizes power and protection. The new silver chrome ring logo was to also create a logo that would signify continues and strong bonds created between the company and the customers of Audi.


  1. Audi RS6

Audi RS6

This vehicle is the latest generation of the RS series. This collaboration with Porsche gave birth to a spectacular ride in style and speed.

  1. Audi TT

Audi TT

This is the revolutionary 21st century vehicle Audi has to be proud of. It sports great visual appeal and buyer attention.

  1. Auto Union Type D


This is the vehicle that gave recognition to the Auto Union. It is a vehicle that stood on top of the breed of Grand Prix Races in its lifetime.

Manufacturing Locations

Audi has its mother plants in two German locations: Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. It has other manufacturing plants in the following countries: India, Slovakia, Belgium, China, Hungary, Indonesia, Spain, and Mexico.

What To Love about Audi?

Up-to-date Technology

Since Audi is a leader in producing internally smart vehicles, Audi’s technology is top notch. Each new line of vehicles comes with digitalized equipment and the most modern engine anyone can find.

Speed and Stability

No matter what Audi you get, you are sure experience the true sports feel even with a simple city car.

What Not To Love About Audi?

Monotonous Design

Audi invests more under the hood of the car in order to give the ultimate riding experience, however, this compromises the design of the vehicle.


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