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Yet another of General Motors divisions, Buick is the top twentieth largest car manufacturing companies around the world.


Buick is officially the oldest car manufacturing company in the world. It is the only manufacturing company that legally registered its name and business to be an automobile manufacturer. Buick is founded by David Dunbar Buick as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company dedicated to building internal combustion engines. By 1899, Buick produced its first vehicle and another to follow in 1900. Buick incorporated hi automobile manufacturing company as Buick motor Company in 1903. By 1904, Buick has already produced 37 vehicles to a staggering 8,800 vehicles by 1908.

With the hired help of William Durant in promoting the Buick brand, Buick became the largest car maker in America. As a partner of many automobile manufacturers at the time, Durant established ‘General Motors’ as a megacorporation of automobile vehicles. Buick produced its very first vehicle in 1911. By 1931, Buick launched the OHV Buick Straight-8 engine, or The Eight, and a synchromesh transmission and debuted them in their models beginning that year. An additional automatic vacuum-operated spark became a feature exclusive to Buick to replace the steering column spark lever. In 1939, Buick launched all car models not only came with a steering column mounted shift lever but the introduction of turn signals in their cars.

In the midst of World War II, Buick—like other vehicle manufacturers—temporarily began the production of army tanks like the M18 Hellcat and also produced aircraft engines such as the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, Douglas 540Skymaster and the B-24 Liberator. After the war Buick still remained as giant in the car manufacturing industry producing more models and vehicles than originally anticipated. When it hit its 50th Anniversary, Buick sported the Buick V8 engine in the Roadmaster Skylark. And almost a decade later produced the ‘Special’ only to be awarded the 1962 Motor Trend of the Year.

Buick became an unstoppable car manufacturing company all through the 1960s, the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. It even launched the Buick Centieme to celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2003. Buick has continuously been a top manufacturing business for automobiles even until now by creating vehicles that hold the regal class of Buick and the growing trend of the modern era in its new model lines.

Buick Logo

Buick logo

Much like other car brands, Buick has also modernized its emblem to a silver chrome logo. The tri-shield emblem came from the ancestral coat of arms of David Buick’s family. The coat of arms follow a shield with a silver-azure checkered sash diagonally positioned across the shield with a stag on the upper space and a cross at the bottom. To mark the great success of three great Buick vehicle models—the LeSabre, Invicta and Electra—Buick created the tri-shield logo inside an orbit sporting the colors red, white and blue for each shield.


  1. 1936 Century

Buick Century

This vehicle was the ice breaker in Buick’s old-fashioned and conservative vehicle design. This car was the reason why Buick had a serious overhaul of its entire manufacturing plan from traditional to modern cars. This is the main reason why and how Buick changed its face in the auto making industry.

  1. 1950 Roadmaster and 1953 Roadmaster Skylark

Buick Roadmaster

Not necessarily known for its engine and high quality performance the Roadster was one of the vehicles that literally sold due to its looks with a Chrome teeth grille instead of a bumper was the fad. The Roadster Skylark also features the iconic white interior with a bright red convertible exterior.

  1. 1955 Century 68

Buick Century 1955

This vehicle was the car that literally chased after sports cars in the 1950s. Due to the popularity of sports vehicles and the inception of traffic laws and controls, Buick manufactured a vehicle exclusively for the law enforcement that is capable of catching these vehicles top speed and glamor.

Manufacturing Locations

Since Buick is part of the General Motors Corporation, Buick is being produced in General Motor Factories in different parts of the world mainly in the United States. Buick is also reproduced in general Motor Assembly plants in Canada, Argentina, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Israel and Japan.

What To Love about Buick?

Advanced Technology and Additional Engine Options

Buick has definitely invested in its line to pursue modern technological advancements like the eAssist that generally uses an electric motor in occasions when fuel flow stops. The technological advancements featuring voice recognition and multiple activation areas for tech functions inside the car are features exclusive to Buick’s IntelliLink Infotainment System.

Improved Safety and Comfort Measures

Buick has overhauled their modern vehicles with upscale safety features showcasing advanced airbag deployment in different parts of the car as well as greater electronic stability control, brake assistance, traction control and child safety locking systems without compromising the comfort provided by the Buick interior design.

What Not To Love About Buick?

Low MPG and Slow Suspension Improvement

Buick’s V6 engine does not compare to other brand’s engine in general when it comes to MPG. In addition, Buick is quite slow in improving their vehicle’s suspension thus creating a less agile car compared to its contemporaries.


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