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With a name that is automatically linked to elegance and luxury, Cadillac is the vehicle that ultimately sports the premium vehicle line. The Cadillac is among the oldest car manufacturers in the world, second to Buick in North America. Cadillac is founded in 1902 and was named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac—the founder of Detroit.

In the same year it was established Cadillac also produced its first vehicles, Runabout and Tonneau, horseless carriage that seemingly looked like the Ford Model A. by 1905, Cadillac entered a merger with Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing thus making the Cadillac Motor Company. Cadillac produced its first covered or closed car in 1906. This led to Cadillac getting the 1908 Dewar Trophy for the Most Important Advancement of the Year Award. By 1912, the Cadillac was more advanced than any of its competitors when it introduced the electrical system in a car this included the ignition, starting and the lighting.

In 1909, General Motors bought Cadillac putting it up as the luxury line of GM. It was the reigning hierarch atop GM’s Buick, Oldsmobile, Oakland and Chevrolet. In 1917, the Cadillac Type 55 became the United States’ Army staff car, the vehicle that serviced the American Expeditionary Force in the First World War. Cadillac became a leader in North America in car production in from the late 1900s to the 1930s until it became the ‘Standard of the World’ because of the development of the V8, V16 and V12. Despite the losses from the Great Depression, Cadillac was revived still as a line of luxury vehicles. Cadillac also set the American Standards for vehicles when it introduced the overhead valve I n 1949.

After the war, chrome broke loose in the automobile style hugging the wraparound windshields and tailfins. But Cadillac introduced its own distinct feature, the front bumper later to be called as the Dagmar bumpers. In 1956, Sedan deVille came out as the standard for all Cadillacs. By 1977, all vehicles under GM needed to be downsized for cost-efficiency thus creating more fuel economic vehicles, improved handling, lighter weight and smaller dimensions. By the turn of the 21st century, Cadillac introduced ‘Art and Science’ meaning it would bring in sharp sheer forms and crisp edges—in other words, it simply means bold hi-tech design with the latest technology.

Cadillac Logo

Cadillac Logo

The Cadillac is actually the coat of arms of Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac’s Family. The present logo—after so many modifications—is a logo that was introduced in 1999. It is called the ‘Wreath & Crest’ version. The shield has five colors and all of which represents the different aspects of the Cadillac: excellence (yellow), grandeur (black), creativity (blue grey), passion (red) and reliability (silver).


  1. Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS

This is the pinnacle of modern luxury cars. This vehicle sports massive power of 556 horsepower and truly a jack-of-all-trades.

  1. 1941 Series 32 Convertible

Cadillac Convertible 1941

This model is as popular as the big names like Al Capone and Jean Harlow that rode it.

  1. 1930-1940 V16 Series 90

Cadillac V16

Competing for the title of the being Greatest Cars of All Time, the Sixteen is definitely a top contender with its 16 smooth, easygoing engine.

Manufacturing Locations

Cadillac vehicles are produced in some of General Motor’s assembly plants namely: Hamtramck, Detroit, Michigan; Lansing Grand River Assembly, Michigan; and, Arlington Assembly, Texas in the United States. It is also assembled in Oshawa, Canada; Ramos Arizpe, Mexico; and, Shanghai, China.

What To Love about Cadillac?

Timelessness, Superb Handling despite Luxury Design Concept

Cadillacs are definitely timeless, these vehicles can be sold anywhere and anytime due to its high resale value. Not only this, but you are sure to have easy and smooth handling on Cadillac vehicles despite the fact that they are premium brands.

Luxury and Comfort

Not only do you enjoy sitting in a Cadillac because of its posh appeal but also because it’s probably one of the most comfortable vehicles to own.

What Not To Love About Cadillac?

Lifetime Cost Issue and Price Variability

A Cadillac model cost can vary extensively due to the optional features you would like your vehicle to have price variability can go as low as $500 to as high as $30,000. Since Cadillac is a premium brand, it is expensive to buy and to own.

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