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Although the actual origin and inception of ChangAn as a company is vague, the company did produce its earliest vehicle in the late 1950s. The ChangAn factory produced their first vehicle, a jeep, under the brand name, Yangtze River. Under the same brand, ChangAn already expanded manufacturing vehicles from jeeps to pint-size trucks and vans—none of which were intended for personal use in the 1980s.

ChangAn continuously produced commercial vehicles from the late 1980s to the late 2000s. When Suzuki was on the rise as one of the greatest car manufacturing companies in the world, it saw the potential of ChangAn as an entrance in the Chinese automobile industry. By 1993, ChangAn and Suzuki formed the Chongqing ChangAn Suzuki Automobile Co. This joint venture became the production house of the Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus and Swift. This also paved way for ChangAn to produce vehicles under the Suzuki technology and license.

In 2001, ChangAn Ford was formed from a joint venture between Ford and ChangAn. This joint venture began manufacturing Ford vehicles out of knockdown kits. In the turn of 2005, ChangAn Ford entered another joint venture with Mazda. This then formed the ChangAn Ford Mazda Group.

In 2009, ChangAn acquired Hafei and Changhe—two small-scale auto makers in China. In the onset of these acquisitions, ChangAn began manufacturing vehicle in the plants of these domestic manufacturers. However, by 2013, Changhe became a subsidiary of a competing vehicle manufacturer, BAIC. Despite the loss of Changhe, ChangAn still grew to become a leading car manufacturer in China. By 2010, the company declared the mark of selling about 2.38 million units throughout China making it China’s fourth Most Productive Car Manufacturer. To date, the ChangAn Ford Mazda is still in active joint venture. The company has since then created a 50-50 separate stake hold in ChangAn thus creating two separate groups: ChangAn Ford and ChangAn Mazda.

ChangAn Logo

changan logo

ChangAn’s logo is very much easily compared to a more infamous car brand, Acura. Although the reason as to why the logo was chosen and the meaning or significance behind the logo is vague, it may be a consideration that due to China’s unusual copyright infringement acts are popular it may be that the two ChangAn logos are renditions of the Acura and Toyota logos.


ChangAn doesn’t produce much of their labeled vehicles. Due to their joint ventures with Ford and Mazda, ChangAn vehicles only produce car brand under the Ford or Mazda brandnames. Here are however, the top-selling ChangAn vehicles in China are also the top-rated ChangAn vehicles to own in the country for the following factors: Cost, Reliability, City Street Performance.

Garnering the 9th place as China’s top-selling vehicle is the Ford Escort, Ford Focus Hatchback and Ford Mondeo.

Here are some relatively popular ChangAn vehicles known in China:

  1. ChangAn Eado

Chang'an Eado

This is a product of the research and development team of ChangAn, this vehicle sports the new and efficient Bluecore engine.

  1. ChangAn Alsvin

Chang'an Alsvin

This compact car is one of the latest released products by ChangAn. This modern compact car is inspired by vehicles produced by Mazda.

  1. ChangAn Benni

Changan Benni

Launched in 2012, the ChangAn Benni is among the vehicles that has gained foreign recognition especially in Eastern Europe and even in some North African countries like Egypt.

Manufacturing Locations

ChangAn focuses more on the domestic market thus having eight plants around China, namely: Anhui, Beijing, Chongqing, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Shanghai. The ChangAn Ford has its main plant in Yubei, Chongqing. ChangAn has plenty of R&D facilities overseas in order to protect its United Kingdom in Nottingham.

What To Love about ChangAn?


ChangAn vehicles not only mind the initial selling price of a vehicle—especially for Ford and Mazda vehicles—but also the overall cost of owning a ChangAn vehicle. Along with relatively efficient fuel economy and high gas mileage, ChangAn vehicles are also known to be great city street vehicles.

What Not To Love About ChangAn?

Unstable Quality Control

Due to a history of cheap product production, Chinese quality control is relatively lenient in a variety of products including car parts. Although Chinese vehicles are built of good quality, the lack of quality control in the main system itself does not ensure the true quality of Chinese made vehicles.

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