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The Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., or Chery (following the Chinese pinyin Qirui) is an auto manufacturing company that has been established and owned by the Chinese government in 1997. Chery was actually founded by a group of Anhui provincial officials using the Volkswagen SEAT Toledo license to begin manufacturing vehicles. It is in 1999, however, that Chery officially began manufacturing its vehicles rebadging the SEAT Toledo to the Chery Fengyun selling about 30,000 units in its debut.

Initially, the company was manufacturing vehicles illegally since the company was only given a license to produce passenger vehicles. Chery is not new to controversy with regard to the legalities of its vehicles. With the aid of the SAIC motors, Chery was able manufacture and sell passenger vehicles legally. But the relationship between SAIC and Chery did not last long due to the rising tension between Chery and General Motors (a bigger and more advantageous partner for SAIC). Aside from General Motors, Volkswagen had a dispute with Chery in 2003 due to the use of tools from an old Volkswagen factory to manufacture a model that looks like the Volkswagen Jetta.

By 2007, Chery was seeking for a foreign alliance to expand it line. It was able to reach an agreement with Chrysler Group when the Chery A1 was rebadged as a Dodge vehicle. With this successful venture, it officially signed a joint venture with Chrysler Group. But when Chrysler signed a deal with Nissan, the partnership with Chery was revoked.

Chery also had a joint venture with Fiat in 2007 with the intention of Chery manufacturing Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles for the Chinese market, however, this venture did not pursue since Fiat sealed a deal with GAC Group. Under the same year, it made a joint venture with Qoros, and Israeli company. By 2009, Chery has already manufactured 508, 500 units and its manufacturing plants already reached a production capacity of 650,000 vehicles annually.

Chery grew to be very successful so it began expanding its legs to different countries like Malaysia (without a local partner). By 2012, Chery opened a sub-brand, Karry, a line by which 30 models will be produced.

Chery Logo

chery logo

The logo of Chery shows a stylized form of ‘CAC’ that stands for Chery Automobile Corporation. The ‘A’ is designed in a way that looks like the Chinese character ‘人’ meaning ‘people’. The two ‘C’s’ are carefully positioned around letter ‘A’ which denotes ‘infinite development’. Looking at the logo closely, it looks like the letter W and/or H, this means that the Chery brand is located mainly in Wuhu, Anhui.


  1. Chery A3

Chery A3

Designed by the internationally acclaimed vehicle designer Pininfarina, The Chery A3 is one stylish vehicle. This compact car is known for different names like Chery Chance, Chery Tengo, Chery Apola, and more.

  1. Chery eQ

Chery QQ

The eQ is a full-electric minicar that was inspired by the new generation Chery QQ. This vehicle is the cheapest electric cars to be manufactured in the country.

  1. Chery Tiggo 3

Chery Tiggo 3

The Chery Tiggo 3 is a very popular SUV sold in China. By 2015, it is one of the top-selling SUVs in the country.

Manufacturing Locations

Chery’s home facility is found in Anhui and another assembly plant in Dalian. Chery has multiple research and development centers around the country found in Wuhu at the Anhui province and Changshu at the Jiangsu province. Chery also produces its vehicles with the use of knockdown kits in Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Uruguay, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and Vietnam.

What To Love about Chery?

Top Notch knock-offs of Top Vehicle Brands

This state-owned company does pretty well in creating remakes of foreign models thus creating a very exasperating atmosphere between Chery and other international brands. The vehicles they remake and rebadge are of top notch quality.

What Not To Love About Chery?

Plagiarized vehicles and lack of originality

Chery does not have a good grip on creating originals. Not all of its created works have ever completely appealed to car owners. Chery vehicles may provide nice remakes of other vehicle but making its own vehicle is an aspect that needs more consideration and more time to develop.

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