Choosing the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Buying Guide!

“Every time I go for an instant oil exchange, I get hit with a ‘I-can’t seem-to-reject-offer’ for fuel injector cleaning. The problem is, I end up pulling two to three ten dollar bills every six months. I often wonder what the point of me paying that much for something I don’t know when I know I can run quick to TacoBell for an extremely upsized snack and even have more to bring home. So, what is a fuel injector cleaning anyway? Am I just being conned out of something my vehicle can live without?”

Defining Fuel Injection Cleaner

Fuel injection cleaners are concentrated solvents that clean the gas pump, fuel lines and fuel injectors. This is done by adding the cleaner to the gas and running the engine until the solvent or the cleaner disappears. Cleaners are liquid solvents that thaw out hardened fuel or dirt to clean or unclog these car parts. Now let’s read more about: how are fuel injector cleaners effective? and choosing the best fuel injector cleaner.

How are fuel injector cleaners effective?

The reality of most problems regarding fuel injectors are clogging due to accumulated dirt. An additional reality is that most of these clogs are caused by contaminated or dirty fuel and air pollution. Cleaning out car parts – especially regarding the engine – are tricky and may even be a problem especially for novices. Are fuel injector cleaners really helpful or are they just things that we can bypass every time we go to have our oil changed? Yes! It’s very important to have your fuel lines especially your fuel injector cleaned. Here are the reasons why:

Lesser harmful buildup

Gunk formulating around your fuel injector nozzle is inevitable. It’s bound to happen and cleaning it is the only option. This gunk is a product of carbon, a byproduct of gasoline. This crud buildup becomes a harmful residue in your fuel injector because this solid byproduct is something that cannot be vaporized to be combustible. In addition to carbon, a mixture of air pollutants will also combine with the residue possibly causing chemical reactions that would end up corroding the inside of your fuel injector and even other parts of the engine. The danger enters because the fuel injector is mighty close to the combustion chamber and efficiency of the combustion chamber relies on clean high quality and uncontaminated fuel.

Smooth Fuel Passage

Eventually, fuel passage will have a buildup of residue from the constant run of fuel passing through the fuel injectors. Heck, even water passing through pipelines leave a residue and one way or another requires cleaning after a good full use – as is the case with fuel injectors. In fuel injectors, we have what we call a heat soak.

Heat soak refers to the solidification or waxing of gasoline. Leftover gasoline leaves a residue on the nozzle of the fuel injector causing a clog in the system. This commonly happens when gasoline is heated up to a high temperature causing the gasoline to wax and stick to the surface of the fuel injector’s nozzle. Since the fuel injector’s nozzle is a tiny hole where pressurized vaporized fuel passes through, waxing will commonly occur and settle on the nozzle. Heat soak often happens in the stage where the heated wax cools down when the engine cools.

This clog causes your engine to misfire because it isn’t receiving enough fuel to power up. That is why cleaning is vital because it reduces your engine’s risk of dying out or sputtering.

Pocket-saving Bills

money saveCleaning allows you to use your fuel efficiently. Since fuel injectors are the new generation fuel vaporizer for effective combustion – replacing the taxing carburetor, they need to be taken good care of. Fuel injectors ensure the maximum use of fuel. It is a direct line from the gas tank to your combustion engine that makes combustion more effective making use of your fuel more effectively.

Saving on fuel isn’t the only advantage you get from cleaning fuel injectors. You also get to save money on future mechanical fixes caused by contaminants that might have entered your engine. Fuel injector cleaners are concentrated solvents that removes fine contamination in the gas as well the rest of your fuel lines.

Best Maintenance Service

Cleaning is the best possible way of maintaining your car. The engine is the heart of your vehicle and the fuel injector is the one that keeps it functioning pumping fuel into the combustion chamber to make come to life. Cleaning your fuel injector prevents your engine from flooding up and also sputtering. It also prevents further damages like dysfunctional fuel injector valves and fuel leaks. Cleaning out your fuel injectors also means producing dirty emissions. You not only want to have a clean well-functioning car but you would also want to avoid breaking the law just because of an easily avoided dirty emission.

Increased Mileage and Power

Fuel injectors are meant to increase fuel efficiency and having a dirty fuel injector is compromising this function. Having dirty fuel injectors give a reduced fuel efficiency of up to 40% and definitely reduced mileage. With a dirty fuel injector, lesser fuel passes through thus causing power loss and reduced mileage for your vehicle. It also gives way for dirty emissions and also a way for vaporized contaminants to enter your engine thus causing further damage.

Types of Fuel Injector Cleaners

Generally speaking, fuel cleaners are actually fuel additives. These are chemicals added to your fuel and pass it through your running engine to clean out dirt, grime and other deposits especially carbon out of your engine and the entire fuel line. There are plenty of additives in the market but there are three main chemical fuel additives sold in the market today.

  • Polyether Amine (PEA) is a strong chemical cleansing agent that effectively cleans out solidified deposits in your fuel lines especially in fuel injectors. It is a nitrogen based product that breaks the bonds of solidified deposits. It thaws out the carbon deposits and mixes with the fuel. The deposits come out of the exhaust thus eliminating the chemical residues that are deposited along your fuel lines.

PEA is a chemical that can withstand a wide range of temperature. This means that it doesn’t breakdown or disintegrate in extremely high temperature. It stays intact thus cleaning every bit of your fuel injector and other fuel lines even when your engine is revving at a high temperature unlike other fuel additives.

  • Polyisobutene (PIB) is a chemical that specializes in cleaning out water inside your engine. This is an alcohol based component that helps clean remove moisture in fuel lines. When cars sit for a long time, humidity comes into play letting moisture enter the fuel lines, including the fuel injector.

PIB mixes dilutes and mixes with the water making the water combustible. It burns along with the PIB and burns with everything leaving zero residue or buildup. PIB also prevents water from freezing inside your fuel lines however; it is not effective in cleaning out residue inside your engine.

  • Polyisobutylene Amine (PIBA) is an alcohol based component that can remove existing deposits. It isn’t as effective as PEA but in high concentrations, it can breakdown deposit buildup to tiny exhaustible components. It may have to be done repeatedly to completely clean out deposits. However, it disintegrates in high temperatures. That’s why it isn’t effective in cleaning out the combustion chamber. PIBA compared to PIB, it is more effective in removing moisture.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

There is one great factor that should be checked in every fuel additive and that is if it passed the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). The ASTM code D6201 is specific to the testing of fuel additive components and how effectively it stands in its function. Here are some characteristics of a best fuel injector cleaner:

Chemical components

There are some cleaners out there that include other chemicals instead of the typical main ingredients for effective cleaning. Making sure that any of the three chemicals stated above in your cleaning agent is present before making a purchase. High concentration of cleaning compounds would mean lesser amount of fuel additives is needed to make a good deposit breakdown in your engine.


Fuel additives are created to do one thing: clean. But premium grade cleaners do more than just passing through the fuel line and pick up dirt along the way, a good quality cleaner also cleans out the main stream engine – not only the fuel injectors – like the combustion chambers and intake valves and more.

Cleaning Capacity

A good clean up should not only be limited to effectively breaking up carbon deposits and water vapor but should also increase an engine’s combustion power. It should also hike up en engine mileage and lessen dirty emissions while being cost effective. The cleaning capacity of a good quality cleaner isn’t just stuck on removing deposited byproducts of gasoline or diesel but also improve the quality of the engine or fuel injector like it was brand new.


Cleaners should fully complete its function in cleaning out fuel injectors effectively. Other additives that may also result to depositing on the fuel lines, fuel injectors or even intake valves would render a cleaner ineffective. They are made to eradicate carbon buildup and not replace it with other chemicals that settle on the fuel injectors and other parts of the engine. Choosing a high quality fuel injector cleaner may cost an extra dollar or so but that extra dollar saves you hundreds more by preventing further damage to your key engine parts.

Other things to consider

When buying cleaners, you should know what you should be cleaning up. Are you clearing out some carbon residue or just trying to find a way to remove moisture off your engine. In these cases, this will be the time you get to decide which main chemical component you should be using in cleaning out your engine. Use PIB laden cleaners to effectively burn out the water from your system. On the other hand, if tough love cleaning is what you need then you may either settle for cleaners with PIBA or PEA. These chemicals specialize in cleaning out deposits compared to just removing moisture off your fuel system.

Five Top Rated Fuel Injector Cleaner

STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer – 32 Fl oz.

Having been a leader in the market for manufacturing, developing, marketing and distributing chemical additives and maintenance fluids for any type of automotive, STA-BIL is definitely the stable standard in fuel injector cleaners. Sta-bil’s fuel stabilizer effectively eliminate fuel contamination making it sure that stored fuel for up to 12 months will become as fresh and combustible as a recently bought fuel. It reduces your need to throw away that wasted stored fuel. Aside from restoring stored fuel it prevents gunk from building up in your engine lines and even combustion chambers as well as unclogging your fuel injectors from carbon deposits. It not only works well with any gasoline but also ethanol blends as well.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

A full system clean is more that you can ask for from a fuel additive. Instead of just clearing out the clog on your fuel injector nozzles, BG 44K Fuel System cleaner is a full-system cleaner clearing out even the toughest carbon buildup in your system from the fuel injector to the intake valves down to the combustion chambers? This gentle cleaner ensures that you have lesser problems to worry about because it is not a tough detergent that can damage your Oxygen sensors. This concentrated cleaner is tough on residue, waxed byproduct and deposits. It can effectively purify a 20 gallon gas tank.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment – Gas Formula

An all-around fuel additive for gasoline including ethanol blends is in the house! The Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment can breakdown tough deposits from burning gasoline as well as taking gunk off the nozzle of your fuel injector effectively. It can also stabilize your fuel up to 2 years and even revitalize old sub-spec fuel. With the Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, your car will surely run smoothly. In addition, you will be ensured of fuel economy while reducing dirty gas emissions allowing you to gain full throttle at your car’s full potential. It cleans out your fuel injectors, your valves and your combustion chambers clearing out deposits, gums and varnish giving way to maximum performance. Aside from its cleaning ability, this product prevents phase separation and cures ethanol fuel problems.

PRI Fuel Stabilizer- For Gasoline 32oz

Keeping your fuel injector and even your fuel lines free of waxed up gasoline and gasoline byproduct residue is not only the priority of Pri Fuel Stabilizer; it also prioritizes in keeping your fuel free of contamination even for a long storage that can take years. You can now store your gasoline for years without having to worry about other chemical compounds destroying the quality of your gasoline. Pri Fuel stabilizer improves power output effectively while also increasing fuel economy up to a staggering 15%. It also effectively reduce HC and NO emissions giving you a clean and healthy vehicle.

Gumout 800001364 Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner, 6 oz.

A fuel additive that can fortify the lifespan of your keep engine parts while keeping it clean at the same time? Why not try Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner. This cleaner doesn’t just settle for clearing out the clog on your fuel injector’s nozzle but also go as far as keeping your entire fuel system free of deposits, residue and – as the name suggests – gum out of the system. This high powered Polyether Amine, or PEA, based formula is effective in keeping your engine free of contaminating compounds and other components that may damage you entire system. It also fights of corrosion due to ethanol and water. This product extends the life of your key engine parts while allowing it to function to its maximum performance with added fuel economy and lesser emissions.


Owning a car is as expensive as having a baby. Cars need constant maintenance, fix-ups and fine tuning. And all these cost a lot of money. Looking to save up on costs especially in dealing with your vehicles in order to preserve a car with fuel injectors that can run smoothly up to 100,000 miles isn’t so hard.

Maintaining your fuel injectors doesn’t have to be difficult, all it needs is a good chemical dose to remove clogs, dirt and other sediments or residue to keep its high efficiency. Fuel injectors are vital in the running of your car’s engine and keeping it free of contaminants, pollution, deposits and other will more than likely effectively cut down on costs and further vehicular damages. With the best fuel injector cleaner, you are ensured of a high performing vehicle. Like a human being, a healthy person is not just a healthy – looking person on the outside but a person healthy on the inside. Thank you for your reading.

Choosing the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner
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