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With a colorful history of innovation, Citroën is a company that grew to become the eighteenth Largest Car Manufacturer in the World.


Citroen is the brainchild of André-Gustave Citroën in 1919. Originally creating armaments fir the French Military by bulk, Citroën was immediately thinking of becoming an automobile manufacturing company after the First World War in order to keep his factory running. With the help of Jules Salomon, a renowned auto engineer, Citroën immediately launched the Citroën 10HP Type A vehicle just four months after World War I officially ended in March 1919.

Citroën is an aggressive marketer for his business even using the Eiffel Tower as a Billboard to sell his vehicle. He introduced the mass production of vehicles outside America. In order to lessen competitors in the auto business, Citroën introduced the Rosalie, the first commercial passenger car with a diesel engine. In 1924, Citroën produced the B10, a full-steel body car. Citroën was a trendsetter in building vehicle standards in Europe. It was Citroën who gained wide recognition from its innovation of the Traction Avant in 1934. It is also the very first company to mass produce front-wheel drive cars using a unitary-type body with a four-wheel independent suspension. In the same year, however, due to costly advertising and low cost units, Citroën filed for bankruptcy. There was a halt in the production of vehicle in World War II.

Citroën, as a company, can be considered as the Henry Ford of France because in 1954, Citroën introduced the self-leveling suspension system and in the following year, the introduction of disc brakes in the DS. And in 1967, it developed the swiveling headlights. The DS, linked with the French word déesse, meaning ‘goddess’. This highly technologically advanced vehicle ranked third in the 1999 Car of the Century.

Citroën is a brand that is highly competitive in motorsports. It garnered multiple awards and race titles in international competitions. Today, Citroën is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

Citroën Logo


The Citroen logo seems like the badge or ranking of a US Marine Corporal. The two reverse ‘Vs’ are actually the intermeshing contact of two chevrons. This logo has been the logo of Citroen since its inception by André Citroën. The logo has been modernized to a 3D Chrome emblem to mark its 90th Anniversary. The official Red color of Citroen denotes determination and business responsibility.


  1. Traction Avant

Citroen Traction Avant

Front-wheel drive in English, the Traction Avant is a revolutionary vehicle that became the mark for Citroën ingenuity. It is the very first vehicle to be launched with the front-wheel drive, Unibody frame and independent suspension.

  1. Citroën DS

Citroen DS

Also known as the ‘Goddess’, this is the very first vehicle that was mass-produced with the disc brakes. It is another revolutionary innovation by Citroën because it sports a wonderfully streamline vehicle that is not common at that time. This is the car that ranked third in the 1999 Car of the Century.

  1. Citroën Cactus

Citroen Cactus

This is one modern camping vehicle. Citroën is very innovative when it comes to adding structural features to impress buyers and this is one other innovation unique to Citroën. This vehicle is a camping vehicle with a tent attached at the back.

Manufacturing Locations

Citroën has multiple factories around the world the main factories that assemble vehicles are Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and Turkey. Citroën also has numerous joint venture factories found in the following countries: China, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan and Russia.

What To Love about Citroën?

Comfortable and Practical

Since Citroën is the father of the modern braking system, safe braking and safe driving is a key feature of Citroën vehicles. These vehicles have practical interior that serves the purpose needed by any driver.

Low Running Cost

Citroën vehicles are quite impressive on the fuel consumption and in relation mileage as well. These vehicles are incredibly smooth when it comes to saving up on gas.

What Not To Love About Citroën?

Unimpressive Driving Experience

Although Citroën is widely known as once an impressive brand of cars, Citroën hasn’t had any major improvement since the Citroën DS. The driving appeal of Citroën vehicles is not as great as Italian cars or as reliable as Japanese vehicles.


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