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This American born company was established in 1900 by the Dodge brothers, Horace Elgin Dodge and Francis Horace Dodge. The Dodge Brothers Company was originally a car parts manufacturer but soon later began producing their own whole vehicles. It was in 1914 that Dodge officially launched their line of vehicles.

The Dodge Brothers Company was the supplier of parts for Ford and Olds Motor Vehicle Company. The company was a standards setter since it introduced multiple features that are ahead of its time like the full-steel body frame, the 12-volt electrical system, the 35 horsepower, and the sliding gear transmission. When it began manufacturing their trucks, it immediately gained recognition for its durability. And by 1916, it is the second largest automaker in sales in the United States.

Unfortunately in 1920, both John and Horace died from pneumonia in January and cirrhosis in December respectively. The loss of the two brothers left the company at a standstill marking the fall of the company’s sales. After the Dillon, Read & Co. bought the Dodge Brother’s Company in 1925 for the price of $146 million dollars—then the most expensive cash transaction in history, it sold the company to Chrysler in 1928.

Dodge became a strong division of Chrysler since it took on the line of selling vehicles at middle price. The brand kept on producing vehicles until the onset of World War II, the company shutdown the production of passenger cars in favor of producing arms and vehicles for the US Army. After the war, Dodge continued car production in full swing. Although Dodge was well-known for its durability, its weak point is in design it made a turn-around in 1955 through to 1960.

Due to this production upgrade, sales have gone soaring until the 1973 oil crisis. Due to the government’s intervention, Chrysler as a whole recovered. Dodge saved Chrysler completely when it brought out the Dodge Caravan in the 1980s. This model was the benchmark for the modern caravan, the minivan. With the mark of the Dodge Caravan a series of high-performance classy vehicles were manufactured by Dodge. After its joint venture with Chrysler in 2009, Chrysler was acquired by Fiat.

Dodge Logo

Dodge logo

Dodge logo

Dodge had quite a history of changing its logo multiple times but it was under the Chrysler Group that Dodge got its famous logo, the ram head. When asked about what a person must do when one encounters a ram in the wild, Walter P. Chrysler answered, ‘DODGE!’

With this, ram was first used as a badge in the Dodge Ram Truck. The ram logo was used by all Dodge models between 1993 and 2010. Though the ram represents authority, power and virility, it was officially replaced by a more modern and simple design. The new logo sports the Dodge written in a simple silver script with two diagonal orange hash marks. The colors of dodge officially dropped the crimson red and changed to silver—for grandeur, purity and dignity—and reddish orange—for passion and excitement.


  1. Dodge Ram Trucks

Dodge Ram truck

These iconic trucks were used since the Second World War The Dodge Ram literally gave the Dodge the image of the Ram’s strength and power.

  1. Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper

As the new and modern Dodge line, the Viper is a series of sports vehicle that defines American motorsport. Especially known for its speed and agility, this Dodge series, especially the SRT Viper TA, is the standard for building American sport vehicles.

  1. Dodge Challenger


The standard Challenger is the parent of a series of generations of Dodge vehicles. This line not only gives birth to superior American muscle cars but also variants of supreme supercars.

Manufacturing Locations

Dodge is almost exclusively manufactured in the Americas. Dodge’s main office is found in Hamtramck, Michigan. There are three American Chrysler assembly plants that manufacture Dodge and they are found in Detroit, Michigan; Fenton, Missouri; and, Stockton, California. There are two Canadian plants that manufacture Dodge and other plants can also be found in Mexico and Venezuela.

What To Love about Dodge?

American Muscle

Dodge is known for its motorsport vehicle production. Especially in the advent of its Dodge Viper Line, the true American Muscle has been redefined in quality by Dodge.

Durability and Premium Design

Dodge vehicles have always been the name for durable vehicles since it was established, in additional to a long lasting vehicle, Dodge vehicles also come with the custom traditional interior design made to accommodate the modern needs of a driver.

What Not To Love About Dodge?

Poor Gas Mileage and Base Engine

Known for its nature as a performance vehicle, Dodge does not do well with fuel economy. Dodge also has a weak base engine that only runs up to 350 horsepower; although it is quite a considerable number it is also a big consideration since it uses up more fuel than is expected of a weaker base engine.

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