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Although Dongfeng barely produces vehicles for export, producing vehicles to one of the world’s biggest economies and the world’s biggest population, it is enough to launched Dongfeng as a world power in the line of auto-makers.


Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a Chinese government owned automobile manufacturer. It is a company that produces commercial and consumer type of vehicles in additional to other divisions manufacturing auto parts for foreign companies. Dongfeng used to be part of the Second Automobile Works but was later officially established as Dongfeng in 1969. Its main purpose was to mass produce commercial vehicles.

By the 1970s to the 1980s Dongfeng was mass producing heavy duty trucks to passenger car assembly. This was also the time when Dongfeng gained economic autonomy from the Chinese Government. In 1992, in an attempt to expand Dongfeng, it made a joint venture with Peugoet-Citroen forming the Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Company (DCAC), the front-runner to the current Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile Limited (DPCA). Although the company’s sales have tripled compared to when it was under the government’s central command, Dongfeng was still in the process of restructuring the company in 1999.

In the early 2000s, it gained multiple joint ventures with Kia Motors (Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile Company) in 2002, with Nissan (Dongfeng Motor Company) in 2003, with Honda (Dongfeng Honda Automobile) in 2003, and with Renault in 2013.

These joint ventures made Dongfeng the company with the most joint ventures with foreign countries. With all these joint ventures, Dongfeng was able to sell more than 1.9 million units in 2009. And 2.72 million units by 2010 with an additional 1.72 million passenger vehicles sold.

Dongfeng Logo

Dongfeng logo

The Dongfeng logo is composed of two swerving ‘Vs’ forming a rotating ChunYan. The Chunyan formation is a depiction of a Chinese traditional double Yan dance. This formation signifies prosperity, abundance and vibrancy literally pointing to a thriving business. In turn it also signifies a turning wheel that represents a Dongfeng motor racing.


Dongfeng may be one of the largest producing autmakers in China but most of the vehicles it rolls out are licensed models with the companies it had joint ventures with. The top-ranking vehicle produced by Dongfeng are mainly from the Dongfeng Nissan Alliance. These are the Top-selling Vehicles in China as of June 2015.

  1. Nissan Sylphy

Sold as the second best-selling vehicle under the sedan/hatchback/coupes category, the Nissan Sylphy sold over 25, 100 vehicles under the Dongfeng Nissan joint venture after the Toyota Corolla.

  1. Nissan X-Trail

With almost 16,000 units sold by June 2015, the Nissan X-trail is the fifth best-selling vehicle in China by the Dongfeng Nissan Alliance, the Dongfeng Automobile Company. The X-trail is one of the best-selling SUVs in the country.

  1. Honda CR-V

Yet another SUV, the Honda CR-V manufactured under Dongfeng Honda Automobile, it made a sales of more than 13,000 units across the country.

  1. Dongfeng Fengshen AX7

This is the top-selling vehicle manufactured by Dongfeng Fengshen, one of the company’s local divisions. This Chinese made SUV sold more than 4,000 units by June 2015.

Manufacturing Locations

Dongfeng has multiple production plants around Chine but the prime plant assembling passenger cars are found in Wenzhou in the Zhejiang province while its commercial line is mainly produced in the province of Hubei in Shiyan. The location of joint venture production vehicles are found in Wuhan (Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen), Xiangfan (Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen and Dongfeng Nissan), Zengzhou (Dongfeng Nissan), Guangzhou (Dongfeng Nissan), Jiangsu (Dongfeng Yueda Kia) and Shanghai (Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen).

What To Love about Dongfeng?

Collated Quality

Having the license of multiple joint ventures, Dongfeng can create its very own line of vehilces using the standards of all the companies it has a joint venture with. It is its very own research facility studying the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle produced under the different brands and thus create vehicles that showcase the strengths of all these brandnames.

What Not To Love About Dongfeng?

Mundane power

Due to the multiple ventures is has, it can also become the demise of the company. Having the license and power to create using the technology and information it has regarding the different companies, Dongfeng has in fact produced vehicles with average quality thus lacking the mainstream highlight of a thriving company, innovation.


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