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European cars are well-known for stylish designs and superior sports car trends. European brands are known to be high on the cost for an average salesman but this European car manufacturer takes into account all these factors thus marking its name on the ninth largest car manufacturer in the world, Fiat.


Fiat is actually an abbreviation of ‘Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino’ or Italian Automobiles Factory in Turin. This car brand holds a long history of auto manufacturing covering three centuries since its inception. Established officially on July 11, 1899, FIAT was claimed to be the innovation of Giovanni Agnelli one of the Board of Directors of Fiat.

Fiat became an iconic race car that was recognized in the 1902 Italian Car Tour. Since its first factory was built nine of the vehicles produced finished the race around the country and even set a record in the race. With the success of Fiat, it expanded its roots to America in 1908, though it was an expensive luxury item in America, its popularity just soared and sales were high. It then also produced other types of transportation like trucks, trams, marine engines and other commercial vehicles.

Fiat became an incredible business conglomerate building the largest factory in Europe in 1922. And with this huge assembly line, Fiat became a prime manufacturer of not just vehicles and aircrafts but also world war weaponry.

Post war became difficult for the company since it was under the Italian Socialist Party; however, it quickly recovered and grew into a bigger company. It developed a plan to cut costs in order to reduce the cost of each vehicle. Although it concentrated on domestic production for both personal and commercial transportation, Fiat was able to produce iconic vehicles like the Tariffa Minima, or Balilla.

The post-World War II proved to be more difficult when Giovanni Agnelli died. It rendered multiple leader changes and plenty of company turmoil. However, it managed to recover well under the supervision of Gianni Agnelli thus producing the face of Fiat, the 127. Since then, Fiat has come to reproduce other icons in the Auto world when it launched The Fiat Panda (1980), The Uno (1982), and Tipo (1989); and in recent years, it débuted the Fiat Idea gaining worldwide recognition. Up to date, Fiat has only become bigger and greater expanding its line to the aerial manufacturing business. Fiat is a company that has seen a historical change yet stood to remain as one of the world’s greatest auto manufacturers in the world.

Fiat Logo

Fiat Logo

Fiat features a shield-like design for its logo. It had a simple round design with the letters FIAT in capital silver letters mounted on a red background. This new and modern logo, contrary to the old design where each letter is inside a blue block, signifies the ‘ongoing change’ that Fiat undertakes since it was established.


  1. Fiat 127

FIAT 127

The Fiat 127 is a classic supermini car that was well loved by the public. It was a definitive Fiat car that literally colored Fiat’s future in the car manufacturing industry. The production of the 127 ceased when the Fiat Uno was launched to replace it.

  1. Fiat Panda and New Panda

FIAT Panda

Hitting sales with its 6.5 milllionth mark, The Panda Series was one of Fiat’s all-time best sellers. It sports three generations of Pandas the first generation named as the ‘old Panda’ and the 2003 model labeled as Nuova Panda or the New Panda.

  1. Fiat Idea


This 2004 modern mini MPV car, it is technically the Fiat Punto’s second generation model. With taller and better visibility, it has brought in a much better driving experience compared to its earlier brother, Fiat Punto.

  1. Fiat Nuova 500

FIAT Nuova 500

The adorable beetle of Fiat, the Nuova 500 is the stylish city car that launched Fiat as one of the trendiest vehicles to own and cruise around town with. This is the pioneer of what was then called as ‘city car’ and since it was inexpensive, the Fiat Nuova 500 created a street driving trend of its own.

  1. Fiat Punto

FIAT Punto

This is Fiat’s Popular supermini car in the early 1990s.

Manufacturing Locations

Fiat’s main office is Stabilimento Mirafiori in Turin, Italy. It was opened in 1939. Fiat has other plants around Italy and other countries as well such as Italy, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, India, Serbia, China, Canada, and Mexico.

What To Love about Fiat?

Over-all Cost and Economy

Fiat is an extraordinary vehicle promising great efficiency and economy because it sells at a reasonable price with low maintenance cost and great gas mileage due to fuel economy.

What Not To Love About Fiat?

Lack of Internal Space

Although Fiat is a superb vehicle to own, it doesn’t quite offer a good space inside the vehicle for multiple passengers and bulky equipment.


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