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The Great Wall Motors Company Limited was established in 1984. With truck manufacturing as its main focus, the Great Wall became well-known for its heavy duty vehicles. It added a new line of vehicles when it first rolled out its pick-up truck line in 1998. And by the time the company decided to expand its product line to manufacturing sedans, it has already produced 700, 000 pick-ups.

In 2003, the Great Wall became the first private Chinese auto manufacturer to become a public company when the company was put in a public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 2006, Great Wall entered the foreign market by exporting small vans in Europe. After entering the European market it entered the Australian auto industry having shipped its first vehicle in the Country Down Under in 2009.

In 2010, Great Wall produced the Haval H making it the second most bought SUV in China. The Great Wall Haval has two variants, the Great Wall Haval H3 and the Great Wall Haval H5. In the same year, Great Wall was the only Chines automaker that exports vehicles in the European Union. With this success, it opened a plant in Bulgaria in 2011 manufacturing vehicles from knockdown kits.

Great Wall is in the process of expanding its line to different countries especially in Europe. With the help of a Bulgarian company called Litex, Great Wall is building yet another plant in Lovech City. This plant is estimated to produce about 50,000 vehicles per annum.

In 2008, Great Wall was taken to court by Fiat for copyright infringement. The Great Wall Peri (Jingling in China) closely resembles the Fiat Panda—a very popular vehicle by Fiat—only with a slight change in the front. The Great Wall was banned by the Italian court to continue its sales of vehicles in the European Union due to this case but Great Wall still continues selling their vehicles in the said economic block. Unfortunately, when brought to the Chinese court, the case was dismissed saying that it did not completely copy the Fiat Panda because the design has a difference on the front end of the vehicle.

Great Wall Logo

Great Wall Logo

The Great Wall logo sports an oval with a shield center. The Great Wall logo is said to sport the front of a truck because it is the origin of the Great Wall’s business.


  1. Great Wall Haval H6


Ranking as one of the top selling vehicles in China, The Haval H6 is the descendant of yet another great Haval product. This multipurpose vehicle is popular in China because of its versatility to any car owner.

  1. Great Wall Coolbear


It is what its name suggests, cool. The Great Wall Coolbear is an amazing piece of machinery making the Coolbear one great contender in the SUV line in China. Although it is box-shaped, the vehicle follows a very practical purpose of design, style and function.

  1. Great Wall Wingle 5

Great Wall Wingle 5

This is Great Wall’s great pick-up truck. This modern design pick-up truck is created to be brought in the wild yet be steady and easy to drive on the highway.

Manufacturing Locations

The Great Wall main facility is located in Baoding in the Hebei province having two plants that assembly vehicles putting up a total of 750,000 units per annum combined. It also has another plant in Tianjin. Great Wall Motor facilities are also found abroad, namely in the following countries: Bulgaria, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Ukraine and Vietnam. These foreign plants built and assemble cars using knockdown kits.

What To Love about Great Wall?

High End Quality SUVs

Great Wall SUVs are the pride of the brand mainly due to the fact that Great Wall originated in building trucks. SUVs are built with high standards and quality that made its line one of the best-selling vehicles in the Chinese market. Great Wall SUVs are softroaders that run with great fuel economy and low maintenance costs.

What Not To Love About Great Wall?

High Recall Rate and Copyright Infringement

The Great Wall is known to make recopies of other brand’s vehicles. It is especially known for the copy infringement case filed by Fiat against the company for copying the Fiat panda and reproducing the vehicle as the Great Wall Peri. It is not limited to the Peri, however, because the Great Wall Coolbear looks like the Scion xB. The Toyota Yaris seems to have also been copied and reproduced as the Great Wall concept car, the i7. The Great Wall Florid also looks like the Scion xA.

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