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Nissan, one of Japan’s—and the world’s—largest automotive makers launched its premium vehicle brand in 1989 known an Infiniti. Sparked by the gush Honda’s Acura produced, Nissan and Toyota also launched their lines of luxury cars and in this case, Nissan’s Infiniti is the line that brought Nissan’s vehicle line into a higher level. Created for the Western customer, Infiniti was launched in the United States in 1989.

Infiniti was launched with two models, the Infiniti Q45 (1989) and the Infiniti M30 (1990). Initially, Inifiniti’s line of cars was not as successful as initially thought. The slow start for Infiniti was due to the design concepts that produced a smaller cargo and lack luster of the interior design with monochromatic leather and vinyl colors. This led to additional custom fittings done by car owners. With this, Infiniti focused on producing an image for the brand in order to increase its sales. It then sparked the production of the 1997 QX4, a second generation Nissan Primera. This vehicle led Nissan into becoming the first automaker to produce the first mid-sized luxury SUV. With further upgrades and renditions of past models, Nissan was able to pull-off the sales for the Infiniti brand.

Unfortunately, as when things were starting to pull through for Infiniti’s image and sales, the Japanese economic bubble in the late 1990s and early 2000s caused Inifniti’s near extinction. This led to the company re-planning its approach in manufacturing thus spawned the sports car production of the line. This plan also came in the proper timing since Nissan entered a merger with Renault. And by 2003, the launching of the Infiniti G35 was able to pull Infiniti out of the bubble. After the success of the G35, Infiniti released the FX35/45 crossover. This sports-tuned vehicle was built for the American customer thus creating a better Infiniti standard for its vehicles.

This thus made the Infiniti become the ‘Japanese BWM’. Infiniti kept producing top of the line vehicles like the M45 model and so on.

Infiniti Logo

Infiniti logo

Infiniti’s emblem shows two lines meeting each other enclosed by an oval. These lines signify the two lines —mostly said to be a road—going towards the infinite horizon. The Infiniti emblem is also a rendition of the infinity symbol. This symbol implies that the company aims to keep having a line that aims and aspires for new horizons in the automotive industry.


  1. Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50

Initially known as the Infiniti G, the Q50 name came from the changes done by Infiniti. Every passenger car models produced in 2014 onwards would bear the ‘Q’ letter in its nomenclature. The Q50 is the first Infiniti hybrid model.

  1. Infiniti G35

Infiniti G35

This was the vehicle that practically single-handedly saved Infiniti from extinction in the auto-making industry. This compact executive car was based on the Nissan Primera. It was a premium line vehicle that got voted to be the 2003 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

  1. FX35/45

Infiniti FX35

The FX 35/45 is the lovechild of the G35 and the American dream. This spawned a vehicle with incredible handling and versatility given by a station wagon. This car was not only made for the American customer but also for the American soil being built with the capability to withstand different weather changes and climate extremes.

Manufacturing Locations

Infiniti is based in Rolle, Switzerland. Infiniti is also assembled in Nissan plants around the world like the United States, Japan, Spain, Canada and the Middle East.

What To Love about Infiniti?

Superb Feedback due to Innovative Steering System and High-End Luxury         

Infiniti has its unique property exclusive only to the brand. Infiniti has the Direct Adaptive Steering System. This system provides great feedback and automatic adjustments depending on the road conditions it faces. Infiniti vehicles also come with great legroom for the family as well as up-to-date infotainment technology available in the market.

What Not To Love About Infiniti?

Cost for Less and Exclusive Automatic Transmission

Infiniti vehicles don’t often come with the manual transmission. Although its automatic transmission is smooth and easy to maneuver with, the lack of manual transmission thus becomes a turn-off for many manual transmission enthusiasts. In addition, the cost for an Infiniti vehicle is very high considering that its contemporary vehicles can cost for so much less.

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