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Officially known as Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. or or popularly known as JAC or JAC Motors, this Chinese company was established in 1964 as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory. It was only in 1997 that JAC Motors changed its name. Originally, JAC Motors was built to manufacture commercial trucks under the brand name Jianghui but by 200s it started producing SUVs and MPVs.

In 2007, it was licensed by the government to mass produce passenger cars. With an already existing cooperation with Hyundai Motors in 2000, it expanded its product line to passenger vehicles while still continuing its truck line production. In 2003, JAC Motors began assembling Hyundai MPVs. This production went on until 2007. However, with prospects of continuing the partnership with Hyundai, it was officially cancelled in 2007 leaving JAC Motors only producing two models for Hyundai Motors.

In 2009, JAC reached more than 300,000 units of vehicles produced exclusive of more than 12,00 units sold abroad. By 2010, JAC is emerging to be one of the top ten most productive vehicle manufacturers in China when it hit about 458,500 vehicles. JAC is a growing line of producing passenger vehicles with a rumored interest in producing an electric vehicle by the 2010s.

In September 2010, JAC entered a joint venture with Navistar International Corporation to build medium to heavy diesel engines—with the parts provided by Navistar—and another Chinese company named NC2 Global. The joint venture with NC2 Global will manufacture heavy duty trucks.

JAC is already penetrating the economy if different businesses. In 2009, it started to distribute vehicles in Brazil through the SHC Group. This partnership created a large demand for JAC vehicles—especially trucks—thus the company is in the midst of planning to build a plant with the collaboration of the SHC group.

JAC Motors Logo

JAC Motors Logo

Because of China’s infamous economy filled copy infringements, it has been said that the logo of JAC is inspired by the logos of the Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler. The Mercedes-Benz logo uses a three-point star while JAC Motors uses a five-point star in its logo.


  1. JAC Refine S3 and S5


This is JAC’s flagship model also known as Ruifeng in Chinese. This vehicle is one of the best-selling SUVs in China in 2015 with cumulative sales of about 21,000 units of the JAC Refine, JAC Refine S3 and JAC Refine S5.

  1. JAC Tojoy

This 2009 model has gained national acclaim in style and design. It was even awarded the J.D. Power China Automotive Performance Execution and Layout (APEAL) Award.

  1. 2012 JAC 137

This vehicle is one way or another vehicle that sports the shift in product line fabrication of trucks, MPVs and SUVs. The JAC 137, one of JACs starting sedans, was created to launch a line of sedans by JAC.

Manufacturing Locations

JAC Motors operates mainly in China. Its main facility is at Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. The Research and Development facility in Hefei has two other branches abroad one in Turin, Italy and another in Tokyo, Japan. New facilities were also established in Hefei to accommodate a bigger production not just of car assembly plants but also plants to manufacture vehicle engine.

What To Love about JAC Motors?

European Standard Vehicles

JAC Motors design their vehicles with the quality set by the European standards. It follows safety regulations and styling and design as well as the way the vehicles are made.

What Not To Love About JAC Motors?

Low-quality Interior

Unlike most vehicles, the interior of the car is made from plastic. The low-quality interior material is probably the main reason why vehicles are created with high standards but using low component materials to keep the vehicle affordable.


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