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Jinbei is actually the brand name for vehicles produced by the Brilliance auto Group or officially known as the HuaChen group Auto Holding Co., Ltd. the Brilliance Auto Groups is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that mass produces automobiles, micro-vans, and other automobile parts. The Brilliance brand carries out a fully sustainable vehicle manufacturer where the company designs, develops, manufactures and distributes these vehicles.

The foundation of the Brilliance Auto Group starts in 1991 when Yang Rong, a leading Chinese maker of minibuses began to invest in the company. The company has since then been manufacturing minibuses until late into year 2002. By 2003, when Brilliance was recognized the BMW, it signed a joint venture. The joint venture gave way for Brilliance to manufacture and distribute BMW sedans in China. This venture was created to bring BMW into the Chinese market in order to compete against FAW-Audi group, Beijing Benz (manufacturing Mercedes-Benzes) and Lexuses. These brands have already established a name in the Chinese Market and BMW’s entry point into the Chinese market is through the Brilliance Auto Group brand Jinbei.

In relation to exporting their own vehicles, Brilliance already began the export of cars in Europe by 2008, however, its sales ceased by 2010. The plan to also export vehicle in the United States was abandoned in 2008. In correlation with the relationship it has with BMW, Brilliance is still producing commercial vehicles in China. By 2009, Brilliance brand name, Jinbei is listed as one of the top ten most productive automakers in China placing it at 9th place where it sold about 150,000 passenger cars and almost 80,000 minibuses. By 2010, Jinbei is still listed in the top ten car manufacturers in China making a total of half a million units produced in the past year.

By 2011, Jinbei manufactured about 523, 500 whole vehicles and by 2014, Jinbei is the fifth most productive automaker in China. The Jinbei brand came from the idea of the Brilliance Auto Group’s name, Brilliance. In order to create a line of brilliant auto manufacturing, the company chose a name with as much luster as the Brilliance Auto Group. This then gave way to the name, Jinbei. Jinbei, in Chinese, literally means ‘Gold Cup’, where ‘jin’ means ‘gold’ and ‘bei’ means ‘cup’.

Jinbei Logo


The Jinbei logo is a regal shield featuring a cup. Although Jinbei means golden cup, the Jinbei emblem actually features a silver goblet. This silver goblet shows the nobility of the brand showcasing a maroon background. Unlike the usually favored red color for most Chinese companies, Jinbei actually features a darker hue. This hue adds to the meaning of supremacy in the auto making industry.


  1. Jinbei Granse

Jinbei Granse

The Jinbei Granse is actually a rebadge of the Toyota Granvia. The vehicle was very popular in the Chinese market because of its high performance and practicality which highly appeals to the Chinese consumer.

  1. Jinbei Haise

This vehicle is literally a spin-off of the Toyota Hiace. The Jinbei Hiase or Haishi is so popular there is an annual production of 80,000 units.

  1. Zhonghua H330

JINBEI Zhonghua

This sedan is one of the best-selling vehicles in China in 2015. In a span of less than six months it has already sold 3553 units.

Manufacturing Locations

Jinbei or Brilliance Auto Group has multiple assembly plants around the world. Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Company in Cairo, Egypt produces Jinbei vehicles as well as the IKK Ichigan, Inc. in Manila, Philippines.

The headquarters of Jinbei is located in Shenyang in Liaoning province.

What To Love about Jinbei?

Above Average Vehicle Standards

Contrary to the common belief that Chinese brands are cheaply made, the Jinbei brand is one high end producer of quality vehicles especially in its commercial line. The minibuses that Jinbei mass-produces are above the standards set by the Chinese Government on commercial vehicles. Jinbei is also a top producer of microvans that gains renowned attention from within China and throughout the world thus gaining the joint venture with BMW.

What Not To Love About Jinbei?

Lack Luster Designs

Although Jinbei produces are top performing vehicles, the cars they produce are rather dull looking. The only vehicles they can be proud of showcasing aesthetics would be the re-badge vehicles from BMW.

Images Source: Wikimedia.org.


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