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With vehicles that wished to hail from the Asian Dream, Kia was created to sport Asian vehicles into the world.


Back when Korea was under Japanese control, Kia was founded. In 1944, Kia was mainly created to manufacture steel tubing and bicycle parts until it later started manufacturing complete bicycles in 1951. Beginning in the grass root level, it took the license of producing Honda motorcycles and Mazda light trucks under its new name, Kyungsung Precisions Industry. It also took the license to produce vehicle for Fiat and Peugeot.

In 1986, Kia partnered with Ford. The company built vehicles for local and global export. This allowed Kia to mass-produce vehicles under its name producing the Kia Pride and Avella for Ford as the Ford Festiva and Ford Aspire. With Ford holding most of its shares in Kia, it was easy for the company to penetrate the American market. Its expansion was great and quick that by 1995, Kia is selling vehicles in 30 states. Unfortunately, in two years due to the Asian Financial Crisis, Kia has officially declared bankruptcy. This paved way for Hyundai Motor Company to buy 51% of its shares. Ford, which owned interest in the company since 1986 has been outwitted by Hyundai.

In light of the 21st century, Kia was beginning to break its ground and soon focused on gaining a foothold on the European market. This allowed Kia to produce a feature unique to Kia, the Tiger Nose concept. This key feature became the face of Kia. Since 2006, Kia has sported the Tiger Nose look and thus produced vehicles of this key feature.

Since it has been founded in 1944, Kia Motor Corporation (KMC) is the employer of 40,000 employees over different countries. It has established assembling plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Kia has since then been producing vehicles driven on the left- and right-lanes of the highway. Kia has since then continued to grow to be the eighth largest car manufacturer in the world adding billions of shares in its name.

Kia Logo

KIA Logo

The Kia logo has two different designs, the Korean design and the international badge. The international badge uses the simple spelled out Kia inside an oval. While in South Korea, the Kia emblem is a featherlike letter K badge over an ellipsis. Kia’s official color is red. It stands for the company’s determination to move forward.


  1. Kia Soul

KIA Soul

Debuting in the Paris motor Show in 2007, Kia Soul or the compact crossover SUV has two generations in its name. this vehicle is a four-wheel drive that received the ultimate blessing from the Catholic Church when it was the car of choice to be used by the Pope in his visit to South Korea.

  1. Kia Optima

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima takes different names in different countries such as the Kia MAgentis in Europe and Kia Lotze in South Korea. This four-door sedan was also adopted by Hyundai and rebadged taking the name, Hyundai Sonata.

  1. Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival

Also known as the Kia Sedona, The Kia Carnival was a top-selling vehicle in the United Kingdom. It is the cheapest people carrier when it was launched in 1999. It was prominent in its functionality and reliability that Hyundai rebadged it in North America naming it Hyundai Entourage.

  1. Kia Pride

Kia Pride

Originally, Ford Festiva, the Kia Pride was created in the time when Kia was manufacturing vehicles for Ford. Although this vehicle is mostly known as the Ford Festiva, this vehicle is still a Kia product that sports different renditions from three-door and five-door hatchbacks and a five-door wagon.

  1. Sportage SUV

Kia Sportage SUV

In the market since 1993 and about four generations, the Sportage SUV is a Kia pride for an SUV with a slick design that also caters to the average features of an SUV.

Manufacturing Locations

Kia’s main plants are found in South Korea. It has four main Korean plants in Hwaseong (Hwaseong Plant), Gwangmyeong (Sohari Plant), Gwangju (Gwangju Plant), Seosan (Seosan Plant). There are also other assembly plants in other countries, namely: China, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, United States and Slovakia.

What To Love about Kia?

Interior and Exterior Design and Comfort

Kia not only has the unique Tiger Nose look but its new and more modern design for the newer models sport aesthetic values both in and out of the vehicle. Kia leans towards aesthetics as its major selling point.

What Not To Love About Kia?

Low Resale Value

Kia doesn’t pose much appeal to the general public. Although it is a good investment once it is bought new, Kia isn’t easily resold for its lower market compared to other vehicles.


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