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With a company that employs about 13,000 people, the Land Rover is one of the top 50 largest car manufacturers in the world. It is a luxury off-road four-wheel drive brand that includes the infamous Land Rover model line Discovery, Defender, Range Rover and Freelancer.


The Land Rover is a marque for the Jaguar Land Rover. The Land Rover is a brand that specializes in four-wheel drives. This British owned car manufacturer was officially established as a car brand in 1948 when the first vehicle was developed, Series I. The original concept of the Land Rover was initially said to be inspired by the Jeep. The first series designed by Maurice Wilks was given the nickname, Centre Steer. When the first line vehicles were produced, it was finished with the excess military paint available thus producing a series of vehicles in different shades of green. The original purpose set by the Land Rover was for field service. With this the brand actually gained a grip on the automobile manufacturer line thus began a stream of the production of the Series IIA

In 1967, the Rover Group became part of Leyland Motors Ltd. as the Rover Triumph and three after, the a new brand line was launched, the Range Rover. In the 1970s, Land Rover became a separate entity from the British Leyland Motor Corporation, or BL, but still a part of the corporation ladder forming the Land Rover Leyland Group. N 1976, Land Rover rolls of the one-millionth vehicle it has produced.

BMW acquired the Rover Group in 1994. Along the line of acquisition the Discovery has been launched by the Land Rover, in addition the Range Rover Classic has continued its production until 1995 followed by the introduction of the Freelancer. By 2000, BMW split the Rover group from the Land Rover selling Land Rover to the Ford motor Company. Under the Ford Company n Rover flourished producing multiple models under the Range Rover and Discovery.

On 2007, Ford put Land Rover and Jaguar Cars up for sale and by March 2008, Tat Motors has officially bought the company operations. This officially launched Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover Group. The Land Rover has created not just a superb line of off-road vehicles but also a line of military vehicles for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. Among these military vehicles are the 101 Forward Control, the Land Rover Wolf, Range Rover 6×6 Fire Appliance for the use of the Royal Air Force, or RAF, airfield.

Land Rover Logo

Land Rover Logo

The logo is made up of a green oval with a double outline, written in the oval is company’s brand name. The Land Rover’s company color green symbolizes growth, freshness and the company’s goal toward an environment friendly production of vehicles. The white double outline symbolizes purity, charm and excellence.


  1. Land Rover 90/ 110/127

Land Rover 90

Otherwise known as the Land Rover Defender is a Rover series that has graced the world for 67 years of production.

  1. Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Not less than a year has passed and Range Rover Evoque already sold 88,000 units. This model is a Range Rover grandeur vehicle sporting both high-end luxury and extreme off-road curtailing in a smaller package.

  1. Discovery 4 TDV6

Land Rover Discovery

The latest Discovery model in the market, the Discovery TDV6 is a model that features the greatest Land Rover design component flexibility, performance and also fuel economy.

Manufacturing Locations

The Land Rover’s main facility is in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom. It has numerous assembly plants around the world that assemble complete knockdown kits like a plant in Pune, India. Other manufacturing plants are found in Spain, Iran, Brazil, Turkey and China.

What To Love about Land Rover?

Built for the off-road luxury

The Land Rover is officially the world’s leading premium off-road vehicle manufacturer. The vehicles made by Land Rover are designed to be well off the highway and on the highway with the added comfort of upscale luxury. Land Rovers are premium cars that offer great driving experience.

Grand Technology

The Land Rover sports the latest technology that can be incorporated in a vehicle. It also has the line for great gizmo techs like sensors that automatically adjusts the power of the vehicle depending on the terrain it scans and analyses.

What Not To Love About Toyota?

Out of the Line Expensive to Buy and to Own

The Land Rover may be a good vehicle to have but it may end up being just a dream car for many because the cost of buying a Land Rover and owning it is definitely very expensive. Land Rovers are also often known to consume a lot of fuel because of the power needed to generate the car.

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