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The Lexus brand is a Japanese automaker. It is a brand division of Toyota that produces premium cars. Lexus primarily started as a corporate project that would develop a line of premium sedans named F1 (Flagship One) in 1983. This aim begot the Lexus LS in 1989, the first Lexus branded vehicle. This spawned a series of premium vehicles like the Toyota Supra sports car and the Toyota Cressida models.

In the ever increasing world of competition, Toyota was inspired to launch its premium line of vehicles when Honda’s Acura made a debut by exporting the Honda Legend and the Nissan brand with its Cedric through its premium line, Inifiniti. With further research and immersions, Toyota came up with a separate brand line for its premium line vehicles.

In 1986, the line name was under great consideration having the top candidates: Calibre, Chaparel, Verone and Alexis. Alexis was the favorite of the bunch but was revised by dropping the ‘a’ and replacing the ‘I’ with ‘u’, hence ‘Lexus’. Lexus is also the combination of the word elegance and luxury. Three years later in 1989, the F1 project has been completed, the Lexus LS 400. This vehicle became as success that it was put in line with Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles stating that the Lexus was a cheaper better vehicle than the two top premium car brands.

Due to faulty wiring and overheated brake lights, the brand had to recall 8,000 LS 400s in order to fix the factory defects. This massive campaign launched the Lexus’ reputation for good quality customer services. With great success, the Lexus brand expanded by producing premium sedans (premiering the ES 250 as its first) in 1990 and sports coupe, SC 400, in 1991. It had continuous expansions of premium vehicles adding convertibles and SUV to its product line. With an exclusive international market, Lexus, as a brand, decided to return and debut in its home market in 2005. This marked the first premium car marque in Japan. By mid-2000s its brand was launched in South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East gaining top-ranking bestsellers. By 2006, it already expanded to Australia. In 2010, it added hybrids and new models derivatives in its line.

Lexus Logo

Lexus logo

The logo was simply a market strategy for the Lexus brand. It was designed by Molly Designs and Hunter Communications portraying a schematic ‘L’ in an ellipse. It was said that the logo was actually rendered using a mathematical formula. The logo did not have any special meaning to it nor did the name of the brand and the color. It was Team One’s marketing strategy to build a line that would imply a luxurious image thus launching Lexus’ slogan, ‘The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection’. The logo officially appeared in an advertisement in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York in 1988.


  1. Lexus LS 400


This is the brand that officially launched Lexus as an international premium vehicle brand.

  1. ES 250

Lexus ES 250

After the success of LS 400, Lexus launched sedans in its line making the ES 250 first of its kind. The E250 is actually a rebadged Toyota Camry.

  1. SC 400

Lexus SC 400

The 1991 SC 400 coupe was the third Lexus model, it was also the first coupe manufactured by the Lexus brand.

Manufacturing Locations

Lexus has its main facility located in Nagoya, Japan. It has operational centers in Brussels, Belgium and in Torrance, California.

What To Love about Toyota?

Premium Finesse and Superb Ride, Handling and Performance

The Lexus brand is known for being a cheaper and better premium line compared to other expensive vehicle brands like BMW and the Mercedes-Benz. It was proven to be better because of its finesse as a smooth quiet car with great riding experience, easy handling and superb performance.

What Not To Love About Lexus?

High Recall Rate

It’s no longer a secret that Lexus has been recalled for over two major occasions. The first one is in its launching for the LS 400 and yet another in the 2000s. The high recall rate for Lexus brands point to faulty wiring and other factory defects, this however is compensated with free recall and reparation by the brand’s customer services.


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