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Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a young car manufacturing company that was originally known as Maruti Udyog Limited. Maruti Udyog Limited was established in 1981 but the company’s origin came from a 1970 established company named Maruti technical services private limited (MTSPL) which primarily services car manufacturers by providing technical support in design and manufacturing information.

Incapable of fully producing their own vehicle, Maruti signed a joint venture with Suzuki in 1982 thus changing the name to Maruti Suzuki India Limited. This venture was initially for Maruti to import Suzuki vehicles in India but in 1983, Maruti made a debut of its first vehicle, Maruti 800. The Maruti 800 is a rendition of Suzuki’s SS80 Alto; it became India’s first affordable vehicle. After a year, Martui produced its first van, the Maruti Van. With this new line of production, the company has expanded to manufacturing 40,000 units by the end of the year and by 1985, after the launching of the Suzuki Gypsy and Suzuki Alto, Maruti is now producing 100,000 units every year.

In a span of eleven years, Maruti has produced its millionth unit after making a series of debuts for their new line of vehicles like India’s first contemporary sedan, Maruti 1000, the 1993 Zen hatchback and the 1994 Esteem.

Maruti became a conglomerate of its own launching its own 24/7 Emergency On-road Vehicle Services in the late 1990s and its very own Maruti Call Center in 2000 to cater to Customer Support. This became India’s first call center. By 2004, the Suzuki Alto surpassed the Maruti 800 as India’s best-selling vehicle. In 2005, Maruti and Suzuki renewed their joint venture this time building two plants one for assembling vehicles and one for building engines. This paved way for Maruti’s 10 millionth mark in unit production by 2012.

Maruti Suzuki Logo

Maruti Suzuki logo


suzuki logo

There is no official Maruti Suzuki logo. The only logo present is the old Maruti Udyog logo which showcases two blue wings. Since Suzuki is the main stakeholder of the Maruti brand, the Suzuki logo is still being used even on the Indian market.


  1. Maruti Esteem

Was once India’s top-selling vehicle until it was replaced by a more modern series of vehicle lines by Maruti. Esteem is especially iconic because the Maruti Esteem is the vehicle that launched Maruti in 1994’s top selling vehicle manufacturer in India.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Ranked as India’s Best-selling car since 2004, Maruti’s rendition of the Suzuki Alto is India’s best because of its over-all appeal to the public being the most fuel efficient, relatively modern and yet reasonably affordable vehicle.

  1. Maruti Swift

Yet another top-selling hatchback for Maruti is the Maruti Swift. This vehicle is more comfortable compared to the Alto 800. It stands as the second most popular vehicle in India.

Manufacturing Locations

Maruti has three plants in India, the main and original plant is in Gurgaon. The Gurgaon plant produces about 240,000 vehicles per annum. The second bigger plant is in Manesar which produces about 800,000 units every year. The third plant is a new expansion by Maruti and Suzuki expanding to over 2.4 km2.

What To Love about Maruti?

Cost-Effective and Ergonomic Design

Maruti’s popularity is dependent on these two factors. It is for the reason that Maruti vehicles are cheap to buy and also cheap to maintain that it becomes an ideal middle class Indian’s vehicle. Maruti vehicles are also equipped with an ergonomic design that serves complete practical purposes, Maruti vehicles are made to serve the people of India.

Off-road Comfort

Known for the lack of paved roads in India, it is no wonder that Maruti vehicles are suitable for any off-road terrain. Maruti vehicles are lined with comfortable seats and over-all practical interior design makes a good fit for any Indian or foreign driver.

What Not To Love About Maruti?

Low Build Quality

Although Maruti is India’s top vehicle maker, the high performance qualities of the way Maruti vehicles are built are quite questionable. Having been part of India’s unusual economy, the incompatibility of local manufactured parts and internationally manufactured parts assembled in a Maruti vehicle may just be the demise of the production of their vehicle’s quality.


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