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Ranking after the Chrysler Group, Ram Trucks ranks in 36th as the world’s largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Ram is a subsidiary of FCA US LLC, also known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The Ram, previously known as Ram Truck Division, is a spin-off of Dodge. Dodge’s well known Dodge Ram is the inspiration for the group to create a line of pick-ups that would bear the Ram badge. This line is meant to directly sell its vehicle to real trucker or truck owners.

The Ram brand is a line exclusively producing pickup trucks and heavy-duty trucks established in 2010. Soon after, some of the Fiat designs were rebadged under the Ram banner like the Fiat Ducato taking in the name Ram ProMaster in North America. The 2010 decision to make a separate line of trucks was to attain the idea of increasing truck sales “from today’s 280,000 to 415,000 by 2014”.

When the Ram was to be separated from Dodge, the ram emblem of dodge was adopted. It was overhauled from the red emblem ram head to a silver badge. Ram’s primary image as powerful roadrunners was separated from a new image Chrysler is forming for the Dodge line which is ‘hip, young and energetic’. With these contradicting themes, Ram became an offspring of Dodge.

In 2014, the Ram trucks tapped Alfa Romeo out of the leading truck brand in North America. Thus

Ram Trucks Logo

Ram Truck Logo

The Ram Truck logo adopted the Dodge ram head badge. However, due to the striking resemblance of the Ram head to the shape of the uterus. The Ram Truck retained the ram head but modernized the design removing the red hue overall and changing it to silver gray. The new ram head sports a more detailed ram design compared to its predecessor. The ram head is more refined and more powerful looking that fits the new image the Ram truck brand is aiming for. The silver chrome and gray color of the new badge signifies the advancement of the brand in the modern era with a modern powerful aura.


  1. Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is high on the list of the 2015 top-selling trucks in America. Ranking third on sales, the Ram truck is a vehicle that sports great design and off-roading quality.

  1. Ram ProMaster


The ProMaster originally was the rebadged Fiat Ducato. It then spawned several variants of the brand due to its massive popularity when sold in the market. It has other popular variants like the 2014 Ram 1500 ProMaster Tradesman and the ProMaster City.

  1. 2012 Ram Cargo Van


The Ram Cargo Van is one of the sleekest looking vans produced by Ram Trucks. The Ram Cargo van is a softroader with extra room and greater practical use.

Manufacturing Locations

The Ram line is primarily produced in North America. The Warren Truck Assembly at Warren, Michigan is the primary manufacturer of the Ram brand since it has been the plant that has been fabricating the Dodge brand for over seven decades. The other plant is found in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, known as the Saltillo truck Assembly plant. The third largest Ram plant is the Windsor Assembly located in Windsor, Canada. There is, however a foreign plant dedicated to producing Ram trucks and that is found in Tofas, Bursa, Turkey. It is the producer of Ram trucks to European countries.

What To Love about Ram trucks?

Impressive suspension, Outdoor Comfort and Superb Design

Kudos to the designers of Ram trucks! With regard to both interior and exterioir design, Ram trucks are definitely high on the list. Not only is the design appealing it is comfortable as well especially with regard to driving the vehicle off the road.

What Not To Love About Ram trucks?

Expensive and Technophobic Vehicles

Ram trucks may be great when it comes to riding in the outback but the reality is that Ram trucks are rather still stuck in traditional truck designs and technology. Compared to vehicles of its contemporary, Ram Trucks are way off the grid when it comes to the technological advancements found in other truck brands. In addition to the lack of techy gizmos, Ram trucks are rather expensive to own and to keep.


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