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Although the company was established in 1859, it was only in 1895 that Skoda established Skoda Auto after acquiring the Laurin & Klement. LAurin and Klement began as a motorcycle manufacturer. They established the company in 1899 after a series of unsuccessful attempts in creating a bicycle powered by an engine. After World War I, Laurin & Klement started producing trucks.

In 1925, in the desire to expand its business from arm manufacturing, Skoda acquired Laurin & Klement. When the assembly line was introduced in 1930, Skoda began the mass production of their vehicle line; and that by 1936, Skoda became the market leader in car manufacturing. However, as the World War II erupted, car manufacturers were turned into armament manufacturers. The Skoda plants have then been rolling out trucks, tanks, army vehicles and even weaponry.

After the devastation caused by World War II, Skoda reconstructed its plants and launched the Skoda 1101 Tudor Roadster. In 1945, Skoda separated from its parent company, Skoda Works, after joining the Communist Planned Economy. Though, Skoda Auto was struggling with its resources it still surprisingly rolled-out classic vehicles like 440 Spartak, 445 Octavia and more. With the success of these fine vehicles Skoda managed to be a frontrunner in car manufacturing and also in motorsports—even though it was using outdated vehicle engines and designs—until the 1980s.

After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, communism ended and most companies in Czechoslovakia were subjected to privatization. In the same period, Volkswagen entered the Czech economy and immediately became a leader in the industry. This success of a foreign brand made Skoda enter a joint venture with Volkswagen in 1991. In the height of the Skoda brand in the Czech Republic, Renault outbids Volkswagen with the promise that Skoda would be producing high-end Renault vehicles in Skoda factories.

However, due to Skoda’s primitive ideals about still producing old fashioned vehicle technology, it became a laughing stock in Western Europe; however, due to a good and aggressive campaign of Skoda, the brand became a hit in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s. As the 21st century entered, Skoda became more aggressive in marketing its brand. By 2011, Skoda celebrated its 20-year partnership with Volkswagen. This partnership was also celebrated with a Growth plan that subjects Skoda to launch a new model every six months.

Skoda Logo

skoda logo

Skoda’s famous winged arrow has been Skoda’s official logo since 1926. Encased inside an elliptical orbit, the circular emblem—in theory—is a portrayal of an Indian with a headdress. The headdress has five feathers. Originally, it used the colors blue and white but in 1994, it changed its company colors to black and green to signify growth, freshness, and its greener initiative. The current Skoda emblem is tweaked to make it more sophisticated for the 21st century.


  1. Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti

Skoda’s lovechild between an SUV Crossover and its popular Octavia and Fabia Scout models, the Skoda Yeti stands as one of the greatest vehicles produced by Skoda in the 21st century. The Skoda Yeti is designed for owner practicality. Not only does it become a multipurpose vehicle it is also a high performing vehicle that can handle off-road situations due to its raised suspension.

  1. Skoda Octavia

skoda octavia

This is Skoda’s superios line of vehicles especially in motorsports. The Octavia is so popular and well-loved by the sport that is gave birth to plenty of Octavia Variants like the vRS and the MkIII.

  1. Skoda Felicia

Skoda Felicia

One of Skoda’s big three vehicles, the Felicia is a car that has been manufactured since 1961. It may not be a sports car but it is one heck of a piece of machinery for Skoda of the said time.

Manufacturing Locations

Skoda Auto, mostly known as Skoda, finds its headquarters in Mladá Boleslav in Czechoslovakia. It has other assembly plants found in the following countries: China, India, Slovakia, Russia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What To Love about Skoda?

Quality Build and Reliability for a Small Price

Topping the 2013 Driver Power Survey, Skoda is a brand that is well-known for its quality-built vehicles and high driving reliability despite being bought for a cheaper price. The Skoda, which used to be the laughing stock of the auto making industry, ended up being the top dog in driving quality and cost.

What Not To Love About Skoda?

Sparking Quality Standards

This cost-conscious vehicle may be ideal to almost anybody who wishes to own a car, Skoda has some upturns. Although it was able to produce the Skoda Yeti and the Skoda Superb, it is no secret that Skoda is still trying to take a firm grip on quality issues its manufacturing plants produce. Normally, Skoda has been linked to poor performance and horrible reliability.


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