Toyota Motors Brand’s History and Logo

There is no doubt about it that Japan is the leading country in automotive manufacturing. Toyota Motors is the World’s Fastest Growing and Top Rated Car Manufacturer in the world. It holds the title for the world’s best for the reason that the company caters to more than 300, 00 employees worldwide and is reported to produce about 10 million vehicles every year. By year 2012, it has celebrated its 200th manufactured vehicle.

History of TOYOTA Motor Brand

Toyota was officially established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is the son of his father’s company Toyota Industries. The founding father of the Toyota Motors, Kiichiro Toyoda created a spin-off of their family for the car’s official brand. With Toyoda—a Japanese word that means ‘fertile rice paddies’—the company’s name might end up being misrepresented with its agricultural connection, hence, it was changed to Toyota (トヨタ) .

The first car that practically created Toyota was invented by the father of the company’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda. He manufactured the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom. With this, Sakichi Toyoda sold the patent for the vehicle to a British company in order to have a capital for his family’s own car manufacturing company.

Kiichiro Toyoda took the lead in developing automobiles. In 1935, it produced Toyota Industries’ first car, the Type A engine (i.e. A1 and G1). In 1936, it produced its first passenger car, the Toyota AA. With its success in manufacturing vehicles it grew to finally become an independent company, the Toyota Motors Company in 1937. Toyota officially took the name Toyota Motors Corporation in 1982, when Toyota Motors Company merged with Toyota Motor Sales.

Having its manufacturing home in Japan, shipping vehicles to the different parts of the world become increasingly expensive for the companies. This resulted to Toyota building production plants in America 1980. It then began to expand its production to compact vehicles to larger and more luxurious cars in the 1990s.

After 71 years of being an independent company mass producing vehicles in 2008, it ranked as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and stayed on to hold the title up to date.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logotoyota logos with brand name

Toyota logo with brand name

The Toyota logo uses three interlocking ellipses as its logo. These three ellipses symbolize the customer’s trust, the product and the history of Toyota in the auto manufacturing business.


These are Toyota’s Best Automobile Productions of All Time:

  1. 1992 Camry


The 1992 Camry is the American Dream Car. It was created for the American Market and was well-loved by the American Market. It is luxury, comfort and economy all in one car.

  1. 1964 Stout

1964 TOYOTA Stout

This pick-up truck is the father of all of Toyota’s modern day pick-up truck.

  1. 1960 Land Cruiser FJ40

1960 Land Cruiser FJ40

Simpler and less luxurious, the 1960 Land Cruiser was made to function at its best. It was so effective it was manufactured by the company for 20 years.

  1. 1967 2000GT

1967 TOYOTA 2000GT

There is no better car than a car featured in a James Bond Movie. The 1967 GT was labeled as a True Japanese Classic.

  1. 1965 Corona

1965 TOYOTA Corona

The car that created a name in the American market is the 1965 Corona. It was perfect car for the perfect American Family.

Manufacturing Locations

Toyota has 18 manufacturing plants across the world. It’s home is found in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. It has manufacturing plants in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, South Africa, France, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What To Love about Toyota?

Lasting Value

Owning a Toyota means that you have a vehicle that you can easily resell in the market, the demand for Toyota is high and reselling it or trading it in is fast and easy. Value doesn’t just entail market; it also refers to the value of a Toyota to a car owner. Its affordability and efficiency makes it an ideal car to own that is easy for anyone of all ages.


Having a plant in different countries across the world, Toyota is sure to be a high ranker in affordable brand new vehicles. With lower taxes and shipping fees to think about, Toyota is definitely one of the high contenders in a quality car that is highly affordable.

What Not To Love About Toyota?

High Recall Rate

Although it is the world’s best automobile manufacturer, the company has a lot of recalls made. With its massive production line, you might end up buying a new car with a factory defect that has been recalled by the company.

Toyota Motors Brand’s History and Logo
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